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holographia's Journal

sonnenschein & graue himmel
17 May 1978
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slowly decoding the secrets of the universe.

apak, argentinian businessmen, bats of the world, birkin & gainsbourg, blythe dahls, bootlegging, british cooking celebrities, camille rose garcia, cell block 12, cheeseburgers, chiho aoshima, coastal towns of oregon, cosima von bonin, dark tropics, electric lucifer, evp/itc, fog in the field, fox sisters, franz ackermann, goldfish, grayson perry, hans holzer, holographic universe theory, hp blavatsky, imagined pioneer life, imagined south, italia disco, jan svankmajer's 'alice', julie verhoeven, kara walker, leaky porches, lucien pellat-finet, luck infusion, maturity, modern/victorian, my ghosts, myrtles plantation, naenners, nicolas de jesus, office block persecution affinity, old portland, pdx trail blazers, pippi långstrump, popbitch, pristine paperbacks, rodney allen greenblat, root systems, russian monks, saxons & dark ages, sayaka adachi (cicci), sea of cortez, skara brae, slow loris, solitary solidarity, steak houses, steam train era, tado.uk, the kinks, the zombies, thomas' hardy & edison, tove jansson, true ghosts, true seasons, tundra, valleys, wendy carlos, winsor&newton ink labels, woodlandery and fables, worn paperbacks, zoology real and pretend